Welcome to Kaleidoscope Reviews

Kaleidoscope Reviews was created by Gil Robertson, the President of the African American Film Critics Association, to promote diversity among film and television critics. Said Robertson, “As the entertainment landscape changes and more movies, TV shows, Web series and shorts are produced by or feature people of color, there needs to be a corresponding rise in the number of film and television critics to evaluate these art forms and interpret their meanings from their representative communities.”

To that end, Kaleidoscope Reviews serves as a platform to raise awareness of the importance of diverse perspectives from the African American, Hispanic/Latinx, Asian and Native American communities in this process. This organization also fosters dialogue on the influence that people of color are making in the industry. We are here to showcase and support these daring and independent-minded artists, communicators, writers, performers, media-makers, and influencers.

In order to stimulate conversation around the changing world of entertainment, Kaleidoscope Reviews features articles about people of color from people of color. We hope to empower the next generation of diverse media makers to become a creative force in the industry. We also hope to fuel the kind of collaboration and inclusion we want to see in our society, culture, and future.

The best articles get curated to our Kaleidoscope Reviews homepage and shared with entertainment junkies across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We can’t wait for you to keep reading along with us as we share the newest reviews about what’s happening in the world of entertainment. Stay updated by following us on social media and if you’re looking to share your own voice, we welcome you to join Kaleidoscope Reviews.

For more information, please contact us at info@kaleidoscopereviews.com.


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