Candice Wilson – Acquisitions & Development Executive Director @ Codeblack Films

By: Team Kaleidoscope

Candice Wilson is a multifaceted Creative Executive with a diverse background in both film and songwriting, and has consulted and worked alongside some of the industry’s top executives and talent to provide top tier support and execution. Always on the hunt for original and provocative material to produce and distribute, Candice finds new and inventive ways of bringing products to market. Candice wears many hats at Codeblack working on different projects in various stages of pre-production, filming and delivery, proving it is possible to find a happy medium between commercialism and creativity. Here she gives Kaleidoscope Reviews a snapshot of her burgeoning career.

KALEIDOSCOPE REVIEWS: Tell us about your job and responsibilities? I oversee the film acquisitions and development slate for Codeblack Films. I identify, pursue, and develop potential projects from the early stages through the production stage and eventual theatrical release.

KR: What motivated you to pursue your current career? Since I was a very young child, I have been enamored with storytelling and would write songs and books for my family and personal enjoyment. That passion only intensified as I got older and eventually developed into what I consider part of my purpose, which is playing my part in shepherding diverse stories told by unique voices and talent to service a larger audience in what I hope is meaningful way.

KR: How have you overcome challenges to build your career? By staying focused on the end goal and producing quality work that I could be proud of regardless of a title- whether I was the PA or the Producer, the assistant or the Executive it has always mattered to me that I gave it my all. My desire to stretch beyond my comfort zone has enabled my growth. All things are possible.

KR: What are your top 3 attributes for success? Tenacity, passion, flexibility…and if I could sneak in an additional one…gratitude.

KR: What advice would you share with next generation talent? Your voice and perspective is valuable and what makes you an asset. Hone your voice, trust your gut, channel your experiences, and sharpen your skillset and knowledge so when opportunities are presented you’re equipped to step up.

KR: Where do you see your industry in the next five years? We’re beginning to see more and more diversity initiatives and I hope to see that culminate into more opportunities for women and people of color both behind the scenes and in decision making positions.

KR: What are your social media handles? T: @CandiceWilson26 F: Candice Wilson IG: Candice.W.O

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