Much better than I expected – in fact, quite good and entertaining. Though most of the anticipation and hype for this film centers around the return of Michael Keaton to his role as Batman… the lion’s share of credit for what makes this film work goes to Ezra Miller; who turns in a wonderful dual performance as two separate incarnations as Barry Allen AKA The Flash.

Miller literally plays along side himself as a Barry Allen from two different timelines; and he plays the role with both humor and, when the script calls for it, lots of emotional heart.

If you didn’t know it was the same actor; you’d swear it was an effective buddy duo in an action comedy.

The script is solid. The action quite good, but rather overlong at the climax. Unfortunately, some CGI actor cameos are rendered pretty poorly with one in particular skirting the boundaries of good taste and ghoulishness.

But those flaws are minimal in weight compared to the overall film.

I’ll have additional thoughts about the film coming soon

… But in the meantime, I’ll recommend you CATCH IT !

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