On the surface, it’s a budding love story where opposites ( Fire and Water ) attract.

But, if ELEMENTAL’s story was solely about that – it would be just another skillfully animated trope about a couple from opposite sides of the road ( literally ) learning to overcome their environmental and personal differences.

However, there’s a deeper and more profound story about the sacrifices immigrant parents make for their children… and the expectations rooted in cultural and family tradition that those same parent might impose on their kids, who may want to chart their own new path in life.

Of course, there’s the usual superb Pixar animation to bring us into a world of wonder. But, it’s the budding romance between Wade ( Water ) and Ember ( Fire )

… and Ember’s inner struggle to accept love – and embrace her desire to live her own life apart from her father’s cultural expectations that truly give this film its delightful spark.

ELEMENTAL is a wonderful film that kids and adults will find something within it to enjoy.


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